5 Essentials Every Bachelorette Party Needs!

Bachelorette Apparel | Ollie + Ivy

Who doesn’t love going on an awesome bachelorette weekend girls trip?! We have put together a small list of items that you cannot go without on your next bachelorette weekend!

Bachelorette Party Essentials you are going to NEED (trust us!):

Oh Shit Kit! | Coloring Orange Blog

1.) {O H . S H I T . K I T} This speaks for itself, haha! You can make them yourself or purchase them premade. Kits usually include: ibuprofen, water, Emergen-C, bandaids, hair ties, etc. Everyone will thank you later… gauranteed!

Bachelorette Tees | Ollie + Ivy

2. {M A T C H I N G . T E E S} No bachelorette party is complete without a completely custom tee from Ollie + Ivy! This literally will make the day (or night) when everyone sees your tribe out!

Big Mouth Inc., Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float

3. {F U N . O V E R – S I Z E D . P O O L . F L O A TS} Alright, I know you have ALL seen these! There are all kinds of hilarious oversized pool floats that are perfect such as: flamingo, donut, slice of pizza, bling ring, etc. These are a must to get those perfect pool pics! Big Mouth, Inc has the best & awesome ones btw!

Tablespoon.com | Better Than Sex Chocolate Cupcakes

4. {S N A C K S} Every good party needs good food… especially after marathon drinking all weekend celebrating the bride to be! Here are 20 Cute Recipe Ideas from Tablespoon.com to soak up that extra alcohol (before its all gone of course)!

Bachelorette Tees | Ollie + Ivy

5.) { B R I D A L . B A L L O O N S} You can get these balloons to literally spell out anything you want! They make SUCH fun pictures like the one above (when something is spelled correct, haha)!

Ollie + Ivy specializes in Custom Bachelorette Shirts? We can create anything you have you in mind for the big weekend! We are currently in the process of expanding our Bridal Collection so keep checking back to see what we have to offer!

The images above are just some of the designs that we currently have on the website! They can all be customized however you want so shoot us an email with your requests and we will gladly put together a proof for you and help create your vision!


Anna Kate

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