Happy Founder’s Day, Kappa Delta!

Today is a special day for Kappa Delta, as they celebrate 120 years of sisterhood & tradition!

Kappa Delta was founded on October 23rd, 1897 at State Female Normal School in Farmville, Virginia (Longwood University, today). Four women came together and created this wonderful organization that has initiated over 250,000 women over the years.

Today, we have created a beautiful design, Sara Turner White’s Laurel Wreath, that was created just for Kappa Delta in memory of your Founder. For one week (10/23 to 10/30), you can get this design printed for only $18 SHIPPED! No coupon code necessary!

Sara Turner White’s Laurel Wreath | Ollie + Ivy

According to Kappa Delta’s website this is what they said about Sara, and why we thought she was the perfect Founder to honor!


“The daughter of a Virginia state senator, Sara was a true Southern belle and very popular on campus. In later years, she frequently hosted Founders Day festivities as her home, and readings of the Ritual on those occasions invariably brought tears to her eyes.”




Here is a wonderful video that Kappa Delta featured on their website to their Founders and heritage! Enjoy!


Again, Happy Founder’s Day, Kappa Delta!


Anna Kate

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