5 Cute Big & Little Halloween Costume Ideas!

It is almost that time of year again! Time to put on a cute costume, and go out with your best friends for some dancing! I know I always have the hardest time deciding what to be for Halloween, and think that some of the best costume ideas are ones in pairs! That led us to search for some of the best & cutest ideas for Big & Little costume ideas! Here they are:

1.) T H E . S E V E N . D W A R F S >> Great for multiple sisters and super simple to pull off! Hey, we can even print you the shirts! 🙂

The Seven Dwarfs



2.) M A R Y   K A T E + A S H L E Y . O L S E N >> These iconic twins are a perfect way to go all out matching your big or little! Nothing says, “You Got It Dude,” like flower embellished overalls from 1990! A trip to your local thrift store might also be in order for this one!

Mary Kate + Ashely Olsen
Mary Kate + Ashley Olsen


3.) W I N N I E . T H E . P O O H: With the new Pooh movie coming out this is a super cute (and relevant!) way to show up & look adorable! I mean really, how cute are all those little ears!

Winnie The Pooh
Winnie The Pooh


4.) G O S S I P . G I R L >> “Spotted on the steps of the student union are Serena & Blair. Wait til you hear what we just learned!” Ok…. now if you know this show (admittedly, I was obsessed) Blair MUST be in a headband, school uniform is the dress code (dig up your old high school uniform & alter!), and a cell phone to get all the gossip is a requirement!

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl – Serena + Blair

5.) C A T . D O G >>This was just too cute to pass up! Plus, who doesn’t love a good homage to ol’ Nickelodeon (when it was still cool!).

Cat Dog
Cat Dog!


Hope you love our 5 Cute Big & Little Halloween Costume Ideas, and we would love to know what YOU are going as this Halloween! Feel free to leave your comments so others can get cute ideas too!

Anna Kate


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