Meet Ollie Bean! The paws behind Ollie + Ivy!

Hey Ladies!

By now, you might be wondering how we came about changing our name of The Greek Ink Press to Ollie + Ivy! It all comes down to a sweet pup named, Ollie Bean!

Ollie Bean is our official mascot. He is the sweetest little teddy bear and snuggling puppy! Ollie was born in March of 2015 in South Carolina and the very day we got him he changed our world! This is me bringing him home (as you can see I’m already in love!) >> ollie2

While on our way back to Florida we made a pit stop for some time to let him run around and stretch his legs. Instead Ollie just wanted to lay in the cool clover and ivy patches that were scattered all over. He would not get out of it no matter how hard we tried!

That is what led to this picture of Ollie Bean that lead to the creation of Ollie + Ivy >> OliverBean

Here are some more images of Ollie to melt you heart! >>


We hope you love Ollie + Ivy and Mr. Ollie Bean behind all the magic!


Anna Kate

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